Porcelain Edition

In cooperation with Wouter Dolk

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The Edition Limitée consists of four of the eight HUMIECKI & GRAEF fragrances. A single flower was selected for each of the selected scents, symbolizing the main inspiration for the fragrance. Wouter Dolk has artistically interpreted each of the flowers in an exquisite, illustrative ornamentation.

The HUMIECKI & GRAEF Porcelain Edition is limited to 130 individually numbered flacons of each scent worldwide. Each of these precious one-off items is packaged in a special paper and linen box created especially for this unique edition.

The primrose is the symbol of satisfaction and joy. As the Latin origin of its name implies, it is one of the first blooming heralds of spring.

A majestic flower, the crown imperial symbolizes regal pride. In both Oriental and Occidental tradition it is considered the flower of “gentlefolk”.

With its intense scent the Italian honeysuckle stands for endurance, consistency and intense pleasure.

In Western cultural tradition aquilegia represents the mind/spirit, symbolizing the triumph of life over death.